The decision to see a psychotherapist can be a difficult one, even a little scary, but potentially empowering. Perhaps you've been feeling anxious or depressed, or you're having relationship problems.  Maybe you're unsure of how to move forward in your life, or you just have a vague sense that something's missing.  Nonetheless, despite whatever's troubling you, you want to take action - and take the quality of your life seriously in a meaningful way.

At its heart, psychotherapy is a process of paying attention, and in so doing coming to know, maybe for the first time, what it is you really need and want.  Without even realizing it, we develop layers of ideas about who we should be, how we should behave, what we should want and feel, mostly out of a simple desire to feel safe, and loved.  These theories color how we see ourselves and others, and often as not we've gotten it wrong. What we do want and feel gets lost in all the noise. Psychotherapy provides the time and space to pay attention, to begin hearing your own voice, as well as those of others.

It's my job to help you pay attention, to listen with you, and to provide the kind of safe, welcoming space that will help you to hear and feel your own needs and impulses. This simple act of truly paying attention, without judgment, begins a process of change that can open up possibilities for new healthier, more creative choices.

My approach is an integration of many influences, but most importantly, it's a flexible one - a response to the unique needs of whomever I'm working with. I tend to be interactive, curious, and people tell me I'm warm and approachable.  I often use humor, and because this is how my mind works, I find images and metaphors very helpful in communicating the felt meanings of experience.  I work with individuals and couples, often those in the creative and performing arts.

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